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InforMNs: Innovation for Minnesota Schools
InforMNs, Innovations for Minnesota Schools, is a web site created by TIES for teachers and those who support technology in the classroom.  TIES has been supporting teachers through InforMNs and Internet- based learning resources since 1993.

White House school safety chief says campuses growing safer

Despite some high-profile mass shootings, U.S. schools are growing safer every year, the Obama administration's top school safety official said Friday to kick off a conference at Hamline University in St. Paul.

St. Paul teachers don't stick around in schools with greatest needs

In St. Paul, as in much of Minnesota, teachers don't stay long in schools with the greatest needs.

Foster Grandparents step to the head of the class in South Washington County Schools

It's hard to tell who was benefiting more -- the student or the teacher.

Horace Mann and Obama Elementary at opposite ends of the scale

When Jim Litwin was principal at the former Webster Magnet Elementary in St. Paul, he says, "very few" teachers actively sought out a job there.

Woodbury school attendance boundary decision angers parents

After a controversial decision setting attendance boundaries for Valley Crossing Community School in Woodbury, the South Washington County School board now must choose how its students will be taught.

St. Paul teacher acquitted of groping charge

A St. Paul high school teacher has been acquitted of a criminal sexual conduct charge after he was accused of groping a 14-year-old student at Washington Technology Magnet School in May.

Stillwater district presses plan to close 3 schools

Stillwater public school administrators continue to push a proposal to close three elementary schools despite growing opposition from parents and community leaders.

New North St. Paul charter accepting students

North Metro Flex Academy is now accepting students in kindergarten through fourth grade as the North St. Paul charter school prepares to open for the 2016-17 school year .

Inver Hills Community College president faces no-confidence vote

Inver Hills Community College faculty plan a no-confidence vote Monday on President Tim Wynes amid their criticism of his financial and management decisions.

Former Moorhead college professor sues for age discrimination

MOORHEAD, Minn. -- A former Minnesota State University-Moorhead professor is suing the university, alleging university officials denied her a new professorship in the Women's and Gender Studies program based on her age, instead giving it to what the lawsuit claims was a younger, less qualified candidate.

Metro State University ready to celebrate building expansion

In Dayton's Bluff, Metropolitan State University is ready to celebrate its building boom.

4 high schools are focus of St. Paul's safety campaign

Four St. Paul public high schools plagued by student violence began getting regular visits Tuesday from central district office administrators and specially assigned teachers.

Minnesota teaching board to challenge licensing ruling

The Minnesota Board of Teaching plans to appeal a judge's order to immediately reinstate a teacher licensing system that allows candidates to prove their qualifications with a portfolio of their past work and training.

U faculty expected to vote on union

University of Minnesota faculty soon could vote on whether to form a union in the Twin Cities after a year and a half of labor organizing by the Service Employees International Union.

St. Paul teacher assaulted by students, then fired, suit alleges

A former Battle Creek Middle School teacher has filed a federal lawsuit claiming she was the victim of harassment and physical assaults by students, but school administrators did nothing to stop it and she was later fired.

Female reality TV star, 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell, to coach football team
2/9/2016 10:18:56 AM
The year is 1989, and the place is Grand Forks, N.D. I am 12 years old, and a friend has obtained a cassette copy of what would become 2 Live Crew’s most famous release: “As Nasty As They Wanna Be.” The cover art is four members of the group staring at four women in thong bikinis. The key single, which made its way onto radio play, is “Me So Horny.” Even the dirty, explicit version of the song is one of the cleanest, least explicit tracks on the entire cassette. The only real exposure to rap music before this came in the form of Tone Loc’s “Loc-ed After Dark.” It came out two weeks before “As Nasty As They Wanna Be,” and Tone Loc might as well have been singing choir songs by comparison. 2 Live Crew is outrageous. The lyrics are so shocking — again, remember, 1989, Grand Forks, 12 years old — that they almost seem incomprehensible. This is way before Internet pornography or even sexually explicit content on TV was everywhere. The leader of the crew is Luther Campbell. He is brash. He has one thing on his mind. He gives zero you know whats. Now the year is 2016, and the place is Minneapolis. I am close to 40 years old (shut up), and I have just learned that Luther Campbell — yes, the same one — has been hired as a defensive coordinator of a Florida high school football team. This isn’t so stunning in and of itself; Campbell apparently has held several coaching jobs in the Miami area over the years and has a pretty solid football reputation. At some point, it was decided that Campbell could alter his path from sexually explicit rapper to a leader of young men. Sure, why not. But the whole story, man. Let’s just let the Miami Herald take things for a minute: Miami Jackson High made history Monday by announcing Lakatriona Brunson as the first female high school football head coach in Florida. But hiring Brunson, who moonlights as a reality TV character, wasn’t the only celebrity addition. The Generals also named former rapper Luther Campbell as the team’s defensive coordinator. … Brunson, also known as Bernice, has gained attention in recent years for her role on the truTV series South Beach Tow, which began airing in July 2011. Brunson is a driver and assistant manager for Tremont Towing, the company portrayed in the show. Campbell has gone from rapping to coaching, his football boss is a woman, and she’s a reality TV star. If you want a narrative about how much has changed from 1989 to 2016, I don’t know if it gets much clearer than this.

Hockey on the edges: St. Paul Highland Park’s remarkable comeback
2/9/2016 12:26:45 AM
Two Scots graduates are leading the Highland Park hockey team as they buck the trend and build and grow a city high school hockey program.

Gallery: Highland Park hockey is back
2/8/2016 10:25:36 PM
Highland Park hockey vanished as a varsity program after 1987. The next two decades, a few players who attended the school skated for a St. Paul public school co-op team. Now, Highland Park's hockey team is back.

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Prep athletes of the week: 'Hard to top' 111 saves by Apple Valley girls' goalie
2/9/2016 5:58:46 AM
A look at this week's selections from recent top performances.

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