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What is Internet2?
Internet2 – the next generation of the Internet – is an ultra-high-speed network developed by a nonprofit consortium of universities, industry and government to speed the exchange of complex information.  Minnesota school have access to Internet2 because they are an education group sponsored by the University of Minnesota.

Partners in this venture include the University of Minnesota,  the Minnesota Deparment of Education, and the Regional Telecommunication Networks.  Many others have participated in special projects and pilots, some featured on our projects page.

Internet2 is a consortium of more than 300 U.S. colleges and universities working with partners from leading corporations, government agencies, research labs and international organizations to develop the next-generation Internet. Launched in 1996, Internet2 is a membership-based, commercial-free venture involving an infrastructure that is independent of – but interfaces with – the existing “commodity Internet.” Participating institutions fund Internet2 development through their membership fees. In addition, they commit human resources to this collaborative effort.

 An overview of classroom experiences using Internet2.  

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