TIES Technology Salary Surveys
The 2014-2015 TIES Technology Salary Survey is intended to help districts plan for, recruit, retain and equitably compensate technology staff. There are four survey modules that school districts are asked to complete. These are: Technology Management, Technology Support, Technology Integration, and School Library Media Specialist.

To have access to survey results, districts must fully complete all four survey modules as applicable, ensure the accuracy of the information they submit and guarantee that they will distribute the results only to school board members, superintendents, school human resources personnel, district technology directors and technology coordinators. TIES will create reports that include aggregate data and identification of the school district but not the identity of individual respondents.

Only one person from each school district should fill out the survey; this person will be notified when results are available. We recommend that the technology director or coordinator complete the surveys, working with the human resources director to collect the necessary information.

The easiest way to complete the survey modules is to download a PDF copy of each module from this website. Use the copy to gather all the appropriate data and then enter the answers online.
If you have questions about any of the surveys, please contact Mary Mehsikomer, Technology Integration Development & Outreach Facilitator at TIES. Mary can be reached at 651-999-6510 or by e-mail at mary.mehsikomer@ties.k12.mn.us.

TIES Technology Salary Surveys - Click here for PDF Version
The TIES Technology Salary Survey modules are listed below. You can download a PDF to prepare for answering the questions, and then go into the survey below to complete it:

TIES Technology Salary Survey - Technology Management

TIES Technology Salary Survey - Technology Support

TIES Technology Salary Survey - Instructional Support

TIES Technology Salary Survey - School Library Media Specialist

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