Here's where you'll find video clips of IP and Internet2 videoconferencing in action
CBS video:  Virtual Field Trips
Here's a short clip about students taking virtual field trips to the  Mote Marine Lab in Sarasota, Florida, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and more. 

Fox News Network Report on Internet2
Scroll to the middle of the page for good introductory video on Internet2

A world of education (Washington Times)
Great article about Megaconference Jr.  You'll see plenty of references to Minnesota's involvement.

MegaconferenceJr. video
Here's a preview of the kinds of interactions you'll see during Megaconference Jr.

TVbyGirls Videoconferencing Workshops
TVbyGIRLS is a nonprofit organization that works with girls ages 10 to 18 to build leadership, compassionate and collaborative working skills, critical thinking and engagement in social justice and the issues of their communities. TVbyGirls use the tools of media making and analysis to combat the defeating and limiting messages young people receive everyday.

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